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Recent projects

Resource Efficiency - NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

360green is contracted to deliver the Resource Efficiency Module to businesses participating in the Sustainability Advantage Program. The RE Module assesses baseline data on material flows, identifies opportunities through business costs analysis, develops and implements a resource efficiency Action Plan, and establishes internal processes that drive innovation and savings. Click here for the details.

"Jem is very reliable and always goes the extra mile to ensure the project is a success."Valerie Insall, Senior Project Officer, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

Corporate Sustainability and Data Systems Management - Handybin Waste Services

This project involved building systems for handling and reporting sustainability data, including analysing business practices, identifying KPIs and targets, and training staff. The company's first greenhouse gas emissions report was also produced including actions and targets for emission reduction. Handybin's efforts have been acknowledged through an OEH Case Study and Silver Partner status in the Sustainability Advantage Program.

"Jem's assistance with our sustainability planning and data management was efficient and effective, and now we have been recognised as an industry leader and have a clear pathway for continuous improvement." Darryn Westman, Manager Sales, Safety and Environment, Handybin Waste Services